Union Tool Receives Technical Achievement Award from Industry Association

Union Tool, Co. (Tokyo, Japan) has been recognized by the Japan Cemented Carbide Tool Manufacturers Association for Technical Achievement and Services to Industry.

This specific award was for the development and implementation of the UDC diamond coating of carbide end mills that has established the ability for an end mill to “cut” cemented carbide using a direct milling strategy.

U.S. Union Tool, Inc (Anaheim CA), introduced this product to the North American market at the IMTS last September and has been actively receiving interest for the UDCB series ball end mill that features this coating.

Key to the UDC coating’s success has been the ultra hard surface that is close in hardness to a single crystal diamond (approx 9,000Hv), combined with a preparatory treatment that ensures the coating resists peeling from the end mill during use. This innovative coating has also been awarded a patent in recognition of its uniqueness.

These factors, together with specific geometry of the cutting tool, enable users to adopt a direct milling strategy, from CAM design, rather than use the previous methods of grinding or EDM. The benefit being time to market and cost.

This is not the first award from the JCCTMA for Union Tool, but it is perhaps one of the most significant given the application and the potential it unlocks for the user.

The range of UDC coated tools will shortly be expanded to include other end mill styles and lengths, consolidating the current UDCB ball end mill series that offers a diameter range of 2.0mm to 6.00mm.