How We Innovate Overview

With a long history of design and product innovation, the process starts by listening to the designers of tomorrow's technology, who are seeking manufacturing solutions that will enable their vision to become a reality.

Union Tool's ability to translate these demands into a production process stems for a deep history in proprietary equipment manufacture. This offers speed of response, adaptability and crucially, the ability to design in the product quality and performance that is a part of our product's DNA.

Whether it is Micro Dills of less that a human hair in diameter or an advanced Diamond Coated End Mill that will "cut" a complex 3D shape into Solid Carbide, at the very core is the company’s organic process is the designing, building and inspection of all parts on equipment that carries the Union Tool name.

With extensive engineering research and development facilities located in Nagaoka, Japan, a team of over 65 engineers, scientists and physicists create the designs for the next generation of products and the equipment needed to produce them.

Innovations have included the early adoption of two-piece drill blank technology for the PCB drill line; The use of sophisticated Automatic Optical Inspection systems for geometry and cutting edge control on micro End Mills, often used in Hard Milling, that are required to have the strict radius control of +/-5 microns (+/-0.0002") or better; Shank marking techniques that minimize run-out and material damage; Patented coatings for withstanding heat and degradation in some of the most demanding drilling or milling applications.

The results of this innovation allow our customers to obtain a higher performance and quality advantage, with the inherent commercial benefits. Higher yields, shorter cycle times, tighter tolerance control, better surface finish, more parts per tool - these are just some of the advantages Union Tool's product consistently deliver the user, many of whom are at the forefront of their particular industry sector.

For more than 50 years, Union Tool has been the trusted supplier to many leading companies world-wide and in the U.S. that tradition has been established for over 30 years.

Today, Union Tool is the tool of choice, for the performance you demand.